Antineutrinos and the failure of Occam’s Razor

Roger Barlow

William Of Ockham is one of the few medieval theologian/philosophers whose name survives today, thanks to his formulation of the principle known as Occam’s Razor. In the original latin, if you want to show off, it runs Non sunt multiplicanda entia sine necessitate, or Entities are not to be multiplied without necessity, which can be loosely paraphrased as The simplest explanation is the best one, an idea that is as attractive to a  21st century audience as it was back in the 14th.

 William of Ockham

Now fast forward a few centuries and let’s try and apply this to the neutrino. People talk about the “Dirac Neutrino” but that’s a bit off-target. Paul Dirac produced the definitive description not of the neutrino but of the electron. The Dirac Equation shows – as explained in countless graduate physics courses – that there have to be 2×2=4 types of electron: there…

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GOP bloodied in historic off-year election; Trans woman wins VA statehouse seat


412 dancia roemLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS – There’s a limit to Trumpism. The voters made that point in this historic off-year election for the Democrats. They underlined their resolve by electing a trans woman to the Virginia legislature — tossing the transphobic Republican, Robert G. Marshall, out of office.

The newest member of the Virginia legislature, Danica Roem, following her victory, said:

“Discrimination is a disqualifier. This is about the people of the 13th District disregarding fear tactics, disregarding phobias . . . where we celebrate you because of who you are, not despite it.”

Roem’s opponent previously introduced a “bathroom bill” in the legislature, and attempted to use Roem’s status as a trans person during the campaign to stirrup trans hate — this included his refusing to address Roem by her prefered pronoun. The voters in Virginia were not having any of the hate nonsense and handed the seat to Roem by a comfortable…

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Trans actors only for trans roles? An artist’s perspective.


631 TRANS ACTORLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — For the record, producers and directors of trans-themed feature films absolutely should convince their financial backers (executive producers) to cast trans actors to portray trans roles. However, when it comes to other people’s money, this convincing is not something easily done. I explain why in an earlier article here:

In this article however, I would like to make the case to freely choose actors from an artist’s (filmmaker) perspective, mine — someone who actually made a transgender-themed feature film.

When I began the project, first and foremost on my mind, I was going to use a trans actor. This was something I soon found out was easily said than done. It was not so much the trans aspect, rather the human shortcomings aspect. Actors are human, and they come with foibles that can create chaos for even the best set of plans.


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Tim Farron’s homophobic and anti-choice voting history, in easily-shareable format

Another angry woman

Some of my followers asked for this, finding it difficult to share twitter threads or my wider post on why you shouldn’t be fooled into voting Lib Dem.

Now, Tim Farron has done a sterling job of masking his tendencies in his voting record, and votes against the interests of LGBT people, or anyone with a uterus, in a rather sneaky fashion. It doesn’t show up on those basic “this MP is in favour of equality” aggregators, because he covers it up by making himself scarce during key votes, or by voting on amendments. It took a bit of digging to pull the receipts here, and there may be some things I’ve missed. If you think I have, please leave a comment!

During the marriage equality programme back in 2013, Tim Farron voted for several homophobic amendments.

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Things I read recently that I found interesting

Another thought-provoking collection of articles from Stavvers

Another angry woman

Roll up, roll up, it’s linkspam time!

Witch-hunt (Hannah Black)- On gossip as a women’s weapon of resistance.

5 reasons why we stopped a UKgov deportation flight to Nigeria last night (Nadia Graham)- Reporting on a great bit of activism, and why actions such as this are so necessary.

We Added a Gender-Neutral Pronoun in 1934. Why Have So Few People Heard of It? (Merriam-Webster)- Interesting little bit of history on a pronoun that never flew, although some Twitter pals inform me it’s still in use in Northern Ireland.

wrongkindofcrazy (Ali Brumfitt)- A spoken-word piece on mental illness.

Raids on workplaces and homes (Anti-Raids Network)- Printable resources so you can help your friends and neighbours.

White Women Are Less Likely to Protect Black Women From Sexual Assault, Study Finds (Brittney McNamara)- Empirical evidence of the problem. As white women, we must address this and protect our black sisters.

Transgender bullying…

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Things I read this week that I found interesting

Another great collection from Stavvers

Another angry woman

This week, the link round-up is actually weekly. Once you’ve gathered yourselves from the utter shock of me having done something to schedule, settle in and read.

Decolonizing Gender: A Curriculum (Malcolm Shanks and khairi jackson)- This must-read zine provides tools for workshops on the theme, as well as being a very useful introduction.

We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Racists (Shon Faye)- An examination of gay men and fascism.

On Adele, Beyoncé & Solidarity (Mia McKenzie)- Solidarity means sacrifice: what Adele should have done.

Theo and the distinctly sexual flavour of French racism (Giuliane Kinouani)- How the rape of a young black man by police is par for the course in France.

Are All Trump-Haters on the Same Side? (James Butler)- How the enemy of one’s enemy is not necessarily your friend.

Transition, Tattoos and Body Ownership (LauraKBuzz)- A personal piece on taking control of your own body.

Reclaiming ‘race’…

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Things I read recently that I found interesting

Another angry woman

It’s that occasional round-up again!

Same as it ever was, only much worse (Dykes To Watch Out For)- In our hour of need, DTWOF returned after eight years hiatus!

Oral History: In 1985 Mr. Snuffleupagus Shocked ‘Sesame Street’ (various)- A really sweet oral history of how the decision was made to reveal Mr Snuffleupagus as real, and how it tied in to teaching children being abused that they would be believed.

Juridified Dispossession: Brexit, Migrant Workers and the Law (Gracie May Bradley)- What will Brexit mean for workers’ rights? Bad things, very very bad things.

Prejudice, “Political Correctness,” and the Normalization of Donald Trump (Julia Serano)- Theorising about the rejection of “identity politics” and what we can do next.

Political correctness: how the right invented a phantom enemy (Moira Weigel)- A history of the myth of “political correctness” and fighting this imaginary enemy led to Trump’s election.

The eroticization of abusers:…

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Things I read recently that I found interesting

I’ve missed Stavvers’ roundup of interesting things. She’s back with another roundup.

Another angry woman

Welcome to the semi-regular link round-up. It’s been a while since I’ve put one of these up, on account of the apocalypse having come (and also, I went on holiday).

Memorialising 2016: Transgender Day of Remembrance– Today is TDoR, and this year 271 murders of trans people have been recorded. The vast majority of them are trans women of colour. Read the list of their names, and remember their brutal killings.

Free e-books for the struggle ahead (AK Press)- Three books about resisting fascism are now available for free from AK Press. It’s vital that we are ready, and we know the history and tactics available to us. Also, free books, everyone!

Introducing Post Trump Europe (Flavia Dzodan)- This rise of fascism is not just limited to the USA. Flavia provides a brief, intelligent overview.

Preparing Your Children For The Apocalypse (Jendella Benson)- Reflections as a parent on the…

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Bruce Springsteen stands up for transgender people; pulls rug out from under North Carolina’s governor

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory suffered second major blow when rock artist Bruce Springsteen gave him and state legislators a lecture on prejudice and bigot…

Source: Bruce Springsteen stands up for transgender people; pulls rug out from under North Carolina’s governor