Welcome to Valhalla … or Fólkvangr

Kára the Valkyrie

Welcome to my musings on politics, LGBTQ+ issues, and feminism.

In Norse mythology, Kára was one of nine Valkyries – also known as Swan Maidens – led by Freyja. They were demi-goddesses, flying down to select the souls of the brave who died in battle, and carrying them to Valhalla with Odin, or Fólkvangr with Freya. Legend says that if you can hold a swan maiden or her feathered cloak, you can extract a wish from her. Kara’s story  was told in Káruljóð, the “Songs of Kára,” which was lost in history, but is outlined in Hrómundar saga Gripssonar. Kára fell in love with a mortal man, Helgi, and helped him win a battle against Hrómundr’s brothers by singing an enchanted song which made them forget to fight. Unfortunately, as he raised his sword in victory, Helgi accidentally stabbed Kára, lost her magical protection, and was himself killed by Hrómundr.

This is why I’ve never dated a man. It’s just way too risky.


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